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Informex Exhibition 22-24th Jan,2014  [2013-11-26]
KoutingChina attend Suzhou CPHI 2013  [2013-11-13]
Salidroside Introduction  [2012-04-20]
Saxagliptin Int(361440-67-7)on sale  [2012-03-27]
Saxagliptin Int(361442-00-4) on sale  [2012-03-27]
RUM on sale  [2011-11-30]
Dabigatran etexilate on sale  [2011-10-26]
Arbekacin on sale  [2011-08-25]
Dibekacin sulphate on sale  [2011-08-25]
VX-950 on sale  [2011-08-24]
Declaration of KoutingChina and KoutingChem  [2011-08-04]
Blonanserin(CAS NO:132810-10-7) on sale  [2011-08-03]
Chemical Stock in July,2011  [2011-07-20]
2012 Shanghai CPHI Exhibition  [2011-06-13]
New compounds for anti-cancer on sale  [2011-06-13]
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